Westward American Single Malt Migration Heritage Barrel


The Westward American Single Malt Migration Heritage Barrel is one of our originally laid down barrels of American Single Malt. Aged in Westward’s prized ‘Heritage Barrel,’ this particular cask has journeyed back and forth with Migration Brewing four times, where it has been filled with their flavorful Frankie Imperial Stout and most recently a rich, barrel-aged Porter.  It was this very barrel that inspired Westward’s Stout Cask whiskey, which began as a passion project from Lead Distiller and Head Blender Miles Munroe, who brewed for Migration Brewing before joining Westward and was eager to trade barrels.

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Tasting Notes
Very floral aromas with milk chocolate, nutmeg, bergamot and toasted nuts. Almonds, roasted malt, baking spices, and pecan pie on the palate. Finishing with baked goods, dark chocolate, nutty grain and smoky oak, and biscotti.

ABV 45% / 90 proof 

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