Westward American Single Malt Founders Barrel: Ken's Artisan Sourdough


Born of a dinner between Westward Whiskey Founder & Master Distiller, Christian Krogstad, and James Beard Award-Winning Baker, Ken Forkish, the two reimagined a food and whiskey pairing. The result was a whiskey made from scratch using Northwest two-row malted barley and Forkish’s sourdough levain, a blend of wild and local yeast. 

While much of this was released as a Whiskey Club exclusive in August 2020, ever the experimenter Christian retained a single barrel that wasn’t mingled with the first batch. This selection was later bottled at a higher proof and offers a flavor profile that’s deep, rich and complex while bright and fruity. 

Tasting Notes
Aromas of Sandalwood, jasmine, and vanilla. With bright passionfruit, flan, and baking spices on the palate. Finishing with lingering spice and Red Hots. 

Bottled at 62.5% ABV / 125 proof

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Size: 750ml
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