Westward American Single Malt x Dobbes Family Estate Pinot Noir Rosé


A whiskey ripe for celebration, this special selection pays homage to the collaborative culture of the Northwest, the incredible winemaking talent found nearby in the Willamette Valley, and our ongoing commitment to experimentation. Finished in seasoned Tequila casks that previously held Dobbes Family Estate’s Untethered Rosé of Pinot Noir Dessert Wine, this fruity and festive whiskey perfectly complements Westward’s bold, robust flavors and the careful and creative finesse of our whiskey making talent.

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Tasting Notes
Aromas of black cherry, salted plum candy, and strawberry jam. Leading into red currants and vanilla cream. Dark, ripe fruit and soft pepper on the palate with herbaceous grain & caramel. More berry jam and light baking spice that gives a hint of licorice. Finishing with caramelized sugar, cedar, and light salinity. Raspberry and apple tart & slight mint.

ABV 45% / 90 proof 

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Size: 750ml