Westward American Single Malt Hungarian Heads


A testament to the creative minds behind Westward, who have reimagined Single Malt since 2004 and continue to push the boundaries of whiskey forward, this offering is a whiskey aged with toasted Hungarian oak, a coveted wood that produces lower tannins and rich aromatics. Created from a Bordeaux-style barrel sourced from McGinnis Wood Products, the largest stockist of air-dried US white oak wine and whiskey barrels in the world, this hybrid barrel contains heads made from Quercus petraea, one of two coveted types of Hungarian Oak. Though it is prized by winemakers and occasionally used aging Cognac, it is not a common wood in malt-making circles.

Tasting Notes
Aromas of clove, butterscotch, banana bread and toffee. Vanilla, cinnamon, toasted barley, and molasses on the palate. A finish of apple crisp, almonds, cocoa and dark chocolate.

ABV 50% / 100 Proof

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Size: 750ml