Westward American Single Malt Single Barrel no. 61


Discover a true representation of our ethos that drives us to reimagine single malt. This Westward American Single Malt Single Barrel is a limited release and a rare glimpse into the experimentation that led us to develop our signature Westward flavor profile. 

While most of our original American Single Malt is aged in 2 char barrels, Barrel 61 is a 3 char and has produced richer and more distinct flavors a bit different than most often found in Westward’s whiskies. Lead Distiller Miles Munroe selected this barrel to be part of this special release, as it is one of the oldest in the Single Barrel program from our earlier days when the Washington location was new. 

To taste this Single Barrel and appreciate its unique profile is to experience the Westward Whiskey story.

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Tasting Notes
Aromas of apricot, cherry, bright floral notes and mellow grain. Stone fruit, pear, big oak, coconut and cinnamon on the palate. While, sesame, toasted almonds, baking spices, and a hint of smoke linger on the finish.

ABV 50% / 100 Proof

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Size: 750ml